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Musicians Business Websites – Design Consideration
Web Design for Musicians: Enhancing Online PresenceThe digital era offers musicians unparalleled opportunities to showcase their talent and connect with[...]
SMS OTP for eCommerce security – solving a $6,000/month fraud problem
SMS OTP for eCommerce Security: Solving a $6,000/Month Fraud Problem SMS OTP for eCommerce Security: Solving a $6,000/Month Fraud Problem[...]
CFDs are Worse than Betting on Horses (in our opinion)
We often say the stock market is a casino, but of course, it's more complicated than that - EXCEPT FOR[...]
eCommerce Business Website Design Services
The Crucial Role of Web Design in E-CommerceImpact of Web Design on Online Business SuccessThe success of an online business[...]
10 Key Benefits of Seeking Online Marketing Consultation for Your Business
Maximizing Digital Impact: Advanced Online Marketing Strategies for Sydney Business WebMaximizing Digital Impact: Advanced Online Marketing Strategies for Sydney Business[...]
Unlocking the Power of Small Business Website Design: Melbourne
Enhancing Small Business Web Design in Melbourne: A Comprehensive GuideIn the dynamic world of digital marketing, a robust web presence[...]
Choosing the Right Web Design Company in Newcastle for Your Business
Enhancing Your Online Presence: A Comprehensive Guide to Selecting the Ideal Web Design Company in NewcastleIf you're a business owner[...]
The Role of AI in Web Design
The Role of AI in Commercial Web DevelopmentIn the rapidly evolving landscape of commercial web development, AI is a pivotal[...]
Placing products on Google Shopping and other channels
This is a succunct and precise description  of that you need to list your products on Google shopping, with or[...]
Is SEO Dying?
The Ever-Evolving Landscape of SEOThe Ever-Evolving Landscape of SEOSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) has been the cornerstone of digital marketing for[...]
Unlocking the Benefits of Website Rental for Small Businesses
An introduction to the benefits of website rentalsIn today's digital age, having a strong online presence is essential for small[...]
What Can you Get for $500 When Choosing A Website
We see many requests for $500 websites and sometimes wonder what people think they will get for this amount. We'd[...]
Redirect Hackers to The World’s Most Useless Website!
Managing Security of a WordPress Website Managing Security of a WordPress Website: A Fun Guide to Frustrating Attackers! 1. SSL[...]
20 Critical Website Design Points for a Custom Home Builder
Building a Website That Stands Out: A Guide for Custom Home Builders 1. First Impressions & Curb Appeal Your homepage[...]
Why Choose an Australian Website Designer for Your Business?
Why Choose an Australian Website Designer for Your Business? The Drawbacks of "Incomplete" or "Amateur" Websites In today's digital age,[...]
The Importance of Trademark Research for Businesses: An Australian Perspective
The Importance of Trademark Research for Businesses: An Australian Perspective In the world of business, a name is not just[...]
Ten Compelling Reasons to Implement 360-Degree Views in Your E-Commerce Store
Online shopping is an ever-evolving experience. With technology constantly advancing, it's crucial for e-commerce stores to adapt and offer the[...]
Domain Name 101: The Ultimate Checklist for Choosing a Great Web Address
Your domain name is your digital identity in the vast expanse of the internet, not simply an address on a[...]
How we increased site revenue by 30% for a retail eCommerce Customer
Case Study: Reducing Cart Abandonment for a Leading Appliance Spare Parts Supplier Case Study: Optimizing E-Commerce Conversions for Leading Appliance[...]
How I Saved the Day for a Woocommerce Web Developer – by ChatGPT4
Deleting Thousands of WooCommerce Products: My SQL Adventure with a UserNavigating through a sea of products on a WooCommerce platform[...]
Is Your Email Going Straight Into SPAM Folders?
Many online business owners and operators have no idea if their emails are hitting spam folders automatically, or if their[...]
Scams – Services for Life and One Payment
This is the first of our 'Scam Alert' articles to help you against  being deceived and cheated by online scammers.I[...]
ChatGPT vs Google as a Means of Getting Technical Answers
1. Introduction: ChatGPT vs Google The digital age has made information more accessible than ever. However, the method of retrieval[...]
Cheap SEO is Coming for YOUR Business
We receive many requests for national SEO service for a budget of $500/month maximum. We always politely decline. Why? Because[...]
Ads vs Organic Ranking on Google – What’s Best?
We've done a lot of Google ads and SEO over the years, and the same questions arise again and again.[...]
The Ux Ui Consultancy Gobbledeygook
I used to be a consulting engineer, and as such, I used to read a lot of engineering papers. Very[...]
The Ten Worst Products to Sell Online
Over the years, we've sold many products in our eCommerce stores, from impulse-buy dog hats to software to drop-shipped jewelry.[...]
Introduction to Security for WooCommerce Stores
The following points are a minimum set of considerations for ensuring that your online store is secure. 24/7/365, a war[...]
How to Succeed at Amazon FBA – An In-Depth Analysis
We've invested a lot of money in FBA a few years ago, and had moderate success. We thought an in-depth[...]
The Psychology of Logo Design
The Psychology of Logo Design: An In-depth AnalysisLogo design is an essential aspect of branding, as it represents the face[...]
The Role of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in the Future of Web Design
Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are poised to have a significant impact on web design and development, as[...]
Maximizing User Experience: Key Elements of Successful Mobile Website Design
With the rapid increase in mobile device usage, having a mobile-friendly website is crucial for online businesses. In this article,[...]
How Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) Affect Web Design Over the Next five Years?
As web designers and eCommerce providers, the question of how AI will affect our industry over the coming years interests[...]
Ranking On Google Without Links
Is it possible to rank on page 1 of Google without an expensive link-building campaign?This article is being written because[...]
Why Sydney Business Web Offers Feedonomics to eCommerce Customers
Advanced eCommerce FeedsFeed Management is Critical to eCommerce Success In today's digital world, where e-commerce is becoming increasingly popular, feed[...]
Using the Psychology of color in sales
Color has always been an important element of marketing and sellingThe use of color in advertising and marketing has long[...]
eCommerce Website Essentials
Ecommerce websites have become an essential part of the modern business landscape. The rise of online shopping has made it[...]
Exploring Artificial Intelligence with ChatGPT
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is maybe THE key technology matter of current times. Beginning with questions on Asimov's famous three laws[...]
Content Delivery Networks – CDN
CDN content delivery network distribution file access across serverA Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a distributed network of servers that[...]
What is Feedonomics and How Does it Help to Sell Online?
Feedonomics is a term that refers to the process of optimizing product feeds in order to maximize their performance on[...]
Local SEO Starter Package
The following post was researched objectively using ChatGPT AI. Thus, it is not a marketing article written to drive sales,[...]
An SEO Discussion with ChatGPT
OpenAI logo seen on the screen of smartphone. Open AI is an artificial intelligence research company. Includes Dall-e and ChatGPT.[...]
For All Website Buyers – It’s Polite to Say No
I've been running Sydney Business Web for a few years now, and have gotten to know a wide variety of[...]
How to Negotiate a Fair Price for a Website for your Business?
The First Question You Should Ask of a Website SupplierAlthough it should not be, when buying a website, the first[...]
Business Website Maintenance Plans – Do You Need One?
Website Maintenance: Does Your Business Website Really Need A Support Plan? Website maintenance can be a vexing issue, subject to[...]
Bad Website Design – How NOT To Design a Website
I was recently asked by a good friend to evaluate a website. I will not reveal the identity of that[...]
Sydney Business Web – Finalists in the Bx Business Excellence Awards
We are honored and delighted to be finalists in the Bx Annual Business Awards - Marketing.Thanks for the votes and[...]
Small Business and Cold Calling – Some Cold Facts
Cold Calling - Should We Be So Dismissive?Cold Calling - Most of us hate Cold Calls - Should We?Last week,[...]
Calculating Online Investment and Profit for an eCommerce Business Website
Right now, it seems that every man, woman and pet monkey wants to jump into eCommerce with an eCommerce Business[...]
Email Marketing – Is it suitable for your business?
Email Marketing: In one guise or another, we've been in business a long time, and we're pretty damn sensitive to[...]
Flat Design or Skeuomorphic Design? Strategies for Business Websites
Flat Design or Skeuomorphic Design for Business Websites - The Choice is YoursFlat vs skeuomorphic design - Credit Thrive ThemesWhat[...]
Website Chatbot – Does Your Business Website Need One?
via GIPHYWhat Happens on Your Business Website Moment to Moment? - Does  Website Chatbot Help?The first thing we are going[...]
Why a Business Website Specification is Vital
Business Website Specification: This brief post should bring vast amusement to experienced website developers and business owners and managers. We've[...]
Google Featured Snippets
What Are Featured Snippets?Google Featured Snippets - we noticed ours for the first time today and obviously, we're delighted. The[...]
What Does a Small Business Need Most – Business Development or Just Plain Selling?
What Does a Small Business Need Most – Business Development or Just Plain Selling?During my years in the corporate world,[...]
Professional Listing Website for the Building Industry - A Listing Site for the Australian Building Industry and TradesWhat is  the Purpose of a Business Listing Website?Most[...]
Creating New Opportunities for all Companies in the Building and Trades Industries
Huge Opportunities in The Not – So Connected Building IndustryCompanies in the building industry are not exploiting the vast potential[...]
Original Art for Your Website and Business Adds Value and Style
Original Art: Google Search results for "Artist Hettie Rowley"Are You Serious About Your Company's Identity? Do You Need Original Art?Whether[...]
How to start an online business
HOW TO START AN ONLINE BUSINESSA Friend asked me how to start an online businessA friend of mine called me[...]
Online Strategies for the Building Industry and Contractors in the era of Covid-19
Online Strategies for the Building IndustryWho is this article intended for?This article is for the Building Industry including (but not[...]
eCommerce Solution – Developing a Online Shop for Weigh-More of Smeaton Grange Sydney NSW
eCommerce Solution - Online Shop Development - for Sydney Company Weigh-MoreeCommerce Solution - A SINGLE PRODUCT PAGE from WEIGH-MOREeCommerce Solution[...]
Sixteen Questions to Ask A Website Designer – Before You Buy
Most people don’t know what questions to ask a website designer before they commit to an expensive purchase. This article[...]
SEO – Seven Insights on Search Engine Optimization and Online Advertising with Google
SEO - Seven Insights on Search Engine Optimization and Online Advertising with GoogleSEO and Online marketing in general  are still[...]
Why Your Business Needs an Online Shop
A Pivotal Moment of Change for Local BusinessAs a Local Business, Whether you are a seller of cakes or haircuts,[...]
Coronavirus Business Crisis – How to Cope
How the Coronavirus Business Crisis Affects your BusinessThe Coronavirus business crisis has hit most of us  very hard. If you're[...]
How SEO works: How People Find Your Business On The Web
Context & BackgroundHow SEO Works - Local business in Australia is not coping well with competing and growing on the[...]
So you need a new business website
 So you need a new website for your business – and that’s exciting! But do you know what to ask[...]
How much does a website cost?
How much does a website cost?  The reason I'm writing this post , is that in our business we deal[...]
Business Website Design – how do websites make money?
The Anatomy of a Business Website - and Where it BeginsThe first question any business owner should ask about Business[...]
Voice Powered Search for Business Websites in Sydney
Imagine someone visits your restaurant website, clicks once and asks for 'steaks' with one spoken word, or 'fillet steak' and[...]
Getting the RIGHT Customers for Your Business
Getting the RIGHT Customers Online for your BusinessCUSTOMERS WITH 'TOO MUCH WORK'I was talking to some potential clients earlier this[...]
Restaurants and Pubs Online in Sydney NSW and Sutherland Shire
Representing your Sydney Bar and Restaurant Effectively OnlineYou need more than a website. Sure, you need a great website -[...]
Connecting Luxury House Builders in Sydney to Architects
Connecting Sydney NSW Builders to ArchitectsWe were talking to a new builder client recently. His company builds high-value luxury houses[...]
Why it shouldn’t matter which country your website is hosted in
A Few facts about Our Sydney Business Web WebsiteWe've been doing website design and hosting for a long time, and[...]
Online Business Solutions for Sydney Local Business
Sydney Business Websites are only part of a complete business solutionYou read that correctly - smart businesses don't just buy[...]