Voice Powered Search for Business Websites in Sydney

Imagine someone visits your restaurant website, clicks once and asks for 'steaks' with one spoken word, or 'fillet steak' and up pops that option on your menu. Well, now it can happen with voice powered website search - and Sydney Business Web is at the forefront of this exciting development.

This wonderful development will apply equally to dentists (e.g. 'cheap false teeth'), electronics stores ('remote for my LG TV'), garden services and every other business you can imagine.

This is not a fad - this is how the web is now developing - FAST. Pretty soon, a business website that cannot be searched by voice will be perceived as 'old fashioned', 'obsolete' and 'too slow'. Everyone is time-poor and the amazing convenience of this new tool is overwhelming in its applications.

Voice Searchable Website - Example - Sydney Business Web

When you run the video above, you will see just how simple this process is - and how amazingly fast.  I start off by asking for 'rental websites' and the transcript and results appear in far less than one second. 

I then asked for 'Contact' and the contact page link appears. Finally I asked for 'social media' and all the relevant pages appeared - really, really fast!

What Your Voice Powered Website Needs

Voice powered search ability is in essence on-page SEO and as such it requires a properly designed internal structure. For instance, if you run a restaurant and have children's meals, then your designer needs to make sure that the menu items in that section are clearly identified as such; if thy're 'meals for the little ones' the voice search facilities may not yet be smart enough to detect that. So you'll need to include 'kiddies meals', 'kids meals', 'children's meals' and so on to help the search facility`. 

Can Voice Search be Fitted to an Existing Website?

Yes. However, the extent of its usefulness will be critically dependent on the internal SEO as described in the previous paragraph. Unless you pay attention to that, the facility will technically work, but the results could be less than useful. 

Does voice search work on mobile?

Mobile browser designers are running fast to catch up! Even Chrome on an iPhone does not yet support this - but it will - SOON. 

When can I get Voice Search for my Business Website?

Almost immediately. However, please bear in mind that your website needs to be ready for it.

How much does Voice Search for a Website Cost

This service attracts  is a low cost monthly fee. it's about to be built in as an option on our rental websites, but it's so new we haven't finally priced it. We can say though that it should be less than A$30/month. How much less, we're not sure.

Why isn't Voice Search running on this website?

Great question! We have run and fully tested it on this site and it works beautifully (we can demo at any time for you). When we added the chatbot though, we decided the site was becoming a touch cluttered with features so we disabled it for the moment. You can still see the microphone icons next to the search boxes. 


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About the author 

Rowley Keith MBA BSc (Hons)

A qualified business manager and design engineer with many years of real-world business experience.

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