SEO Campaign Anatomy – What Elements Go into an Effective SEO Campaign

 Introduction: A Pocket Guide to SEO Elements

An SEO Campaign is a complex beast, but no matter which elements you use, the objective is always the same - to win organic traffic on Google and gain sales.  Once a visitor has found you on a search engine (and let's be honest - we almost always mean Google) arrived on your website, your SEO campaign has done its job and its then up to your excellent website to turn him/her into a buyer. Here are the key elements:



Press Release

Provides a wide diversity of links across a huge number of press sites which also provide a level of visibility for some keywords. A great way to start local SEO Campaign  and useful in all campaign types.

Voice On Site

This is not YET to the best of our knowledge an SEO ranking factor, but we suspect it will become one as the use of voice search grows not just on Google (where it is already exploding), but internally on websites too. Google always looks to the future and you can be sure of future benefits by including this facility. 

Meta Data On Site

Metadata is what Google uses to analyze your pages and covers everything from correct use of titles and data to not repeating the top level heading of your website. There are great tools such as Yoast SEO for managing this on your WordPress website. You need to do this correctly for every page, product and post or no matter how powerful your external off-site SEO, you will never get the maximum benefit.


Syndication is a service whereby a high quality piece of content is distributed to reputable, authoritative sites for publication, which can provide good ranking results. It can also bring you new audiences and be used as social proof.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a place for your business on a Google account. You can  (and should) post regular offers and reviews. For local business this is a great way to get into the 'Google 3 Pack' in the search results.

Guest Posts

Guest Posts can provide lots of backlink power to your pages, posts and products.  They must be on relevant websites with Domain Authority that will give you a boost. This means that all of the high power links they have, pass on some power to your website destination. 


Content marketing is the surest way for long term SEO success. Well written articles, supported by power links and correct use of metadata  will rank and rank and rank. We have posted articles on some sites that are still close to the top of page one after three years. An essential part of almost every SEO campaign.

A whole category of SEO with its own unique characteristics. eCommerce SEO is unique because of the thin content on product pages, online competition for the same products and the role of content marketing.  

Citations and Business Directories

Citations are an online reference to a business that features the business' name, address, and phone number (NAP). Typically, when an SEO refers to citations, they are talking about a group of individual business listings on various sites. These are important as general links and an indication of business vitality. They must be corrected as busienss details change or local ranking can be affected. 

Social media

Social media is built for mass sharing. Social sharing means greater visibility for your content. If lots of people share your content on social media, then it's likely more people will link to it, and links are a critical important SEO ranking factor.


Reviews on Google definitely help rank your pages and products and services in local SEO or any other SEO campaign  Although there are many factors involved in search rankings (over 200,), online customer reviews send a strong signal to search engines that indicate authority, and trust.

Reputation Management 

This term can be confusing. Whilst reputation management is very important to convince customers to buy from you, it only affects SEO inasmuch that reviews help you to rank and content marketing enhances your reputation ( and ranking).  In general we only use this term in the context of managing bad reviews - not for SEO. Others may differ.

Local SEO

Local SEO is probably the most important for the majority of businesses from the apothecary to the local zoo!  This is what gets your business found for 'steak restaurant near me' etc. you need to be in Google's 3 pack, at the top of search listings, on google My Business and have great reviews. One of our specialties!

National SEO

National SEO is often used by drop-shippers and other companies selling products that are delivered. Content marketing is even more important than for local SEO , because local searches tend to show locally available product as a matter of search engine design. It's very important to distinguish this from local SEO or money will be wasted!

Trans National and International SEO

International and Trans National SEO is practiced by those who sell products and online services internationally. it is completely distinct from National SEO and Local SEO, but has a lot in common with eCommerce SEO. in fact, you might say that it's eCommerce SEO with geographical and sometimes linguistic anchoring. For many campaigns of this type, advertising may well be a better option. Not always though!

SEO Analytics and Tracking

SEO is not a 'fire and forget' missile. Once launched,  results must be tracked and course adjusted as the months go buy. But remember - it takes two to three months to even start seeing results and six months should be a minimum commitment after which a full review should be held.

Competitor and Gap Analysis

If you want to compete online, you need to measure your competitor' strength and the gap that exists between you and it! Only then can you design your SEO Campaign intelligently. 

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Every company has its own unique SEO requirements, but every campaign includes some of the elements above. Although it is possible to take a 'little bit of this and that', the results from such an approach are not good in general. if you would like to speak with us about an SEO campaign for your company, please just pick up the phone or send us an email.


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