Coronavirus Business Crisis – How to Cope

Coronavirus business crisis - how to cope

How the Coronavirus Business Crisis Affects your Business

The Coronavirus business crisis has hit most of us  very hard. If you're a small or medium sized local business, things might look pretty dire right now and as a local business ourselves, we have every sympathy, but also some good advice which we've captioned in the Infographic above.  Let's take it one step at a time.

Surviving the Coronavirus Business Crisis is not Exploitation

We need our businesses to survive the Coronavirus Business Crisis, so that we can keep roofs over our heads, feed our families, contribute to our communities and pay our taxes. If you feel guilt pangs over making some money from helping others - don't.  Without small business, our local communities and vulnerable people would be so much worse off.  So let's begin.

Communicate with your Customers During the Coronavirus Business Crisis

Contractors such as electricians and plumbers still need to answer emergency calls even through the coronavirus business crisis. Make sure your existing customers and potential new customers know how to get hold of you along with any social distancing requirements you may have. Send out emails, change your ads and post notices on your websites.

Other businesses such as hairdressers need to communicate their current constraints and create a boost when this whole thing is over in a  few weeks time. Try special discount coupons in email shots and clearly tell people how your business operates through the crisis and after it. Whatever your business, there is a course of action that can help you.

And remember - Sydney Business Web is HERE TO HELP YOU. Call us if you need advice on getting your business through the crisis. We have vast business experience and we'd love to help you if we can.

Align with the Cause - and be Sincere

We all have our own personal opinions on the coronavirus business crisis and the crisis in general, but those opinions should often be quarantined from our business lives.  Why? Because people really are suffering, whether it's due to unreasonable panic or the effects of the virus. The impact on some businesses is devastating. So at all times, be truly and sincerely sympathetic for others - you might not know what they are going through.

Help a Charity to Fight the Corona Virus Business Crisis

Charities are being hard hit in every way by the coronavirus business crisis - even harder than we are. The vulnerable people that charities help are also suffering even more than they usually do.  they help Can you help? If you are an online company like us, you might offer to place notices or requests for help on your websites, or ask your customers to help the charity of your choosing.  Be a good citizen and do what you can.

Double Down on Marketing

This coronavirus business crisis will end, and you need to be sure that when it does, customers old and new have got your company 'in their heads'. Helping others will go some of the way to achieving this, but so will marketing with a genuinely sympathetic ear. Remember - people will be relieved to be able to buy the things they've held back on - be first in the queue of businesses in your area.

Increase Levels of Service During the Coronavirus Business Crisis and Innovate

Are you already selling online? Can customers order from you online? Many local businesses do not have any of these facilities. Up to a third of us do not even have a website! Whatever your business, you need to increase your service level with more frequent communication, more checks on satisfaction levels, and above all - BE EASY TO DO BUSINESS WITH.

PS: On the lighter side! Please don't follow this link if you are easily offended. It's all about seeing the funny side in the midst of crisis. CORNOAVIRUSJOKES.ORG


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About the author 

Rowley Keith MBA BSc (Hons)

A qualified business manager and design engineer with many years of real-world business experience.

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