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Why you should have a support contract for your business website

When your website goes down or just misbehaves, slows down or behaves unpredictably for no known reason, you need help -fast. But why would such a thing happen?

The most common cause is that software has not been kept up to date. Also, websites are sometimes  attacked and damaged despite the best security being deployed. When that happens, the clock starts ticking and the business is losing money.

Over the years, we have seen many attacks on our customers websites, but none has ever been disabled. We deploy a range of security measures and backups to minimize disruption. We also keep all the software on those websites up to date on a bi weekly or monthly basis. This is necessary because malicious hackers are always looking for ways in to cause damage. They investigate and probe websites constantly and developers are always u[dating their software when weaknesses are discovered. So be sure to be covered! 

Basic Support Contracts

We offer support contracts tailored to each website. Websites that are hosted by us are automatically covered by techncial support but as a guideline, here are some basic prices and services:

Recommended Support Contracts

Website Support Contracts

Preventive Support

Suitable for all Website types and covers:

1. Monthly software updates

2. Monthly site inspection and speed test.

Price: Free with hosting 

Support Contracts for websites

Support and Maintenance

Suitable for larger Websites and larger business websites

1. Preventive Support items

2. One hour per month for updates and remedial action.

Price: Neg from $75/Mo

Website Support Contract

Complete Care Package

Suitable for very large eCommerce websites and larger business websites needing regular updates and performance checks, product updates and performance tuning

Price: $Neg from $300/Mo


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