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Keith Rowley - Skillings Mining Review

I spent some considerable time serving the mining industry and so I am still asked for my opinions from time to time.  This is an extract from Skillings Mining Review 21st September 2023 (click link to read the full article).

Keith Rowley
The Steward of Creativity and Negotiation
Brisbane, Thornton, New South Wales, Australia

Keith Rowley, from Sydney Business Web, holds a unique perspective on work-life balance, which he describes as a “myth propagated by those who resent having to work for a living.” Rowley, a technical expert who later pursued an MBA, encourages a mix of skills, arguing that a good leader needs more than just engineering skills. He advocates for negotiation skills and not taking passing fads as reality. Rowley points out that the industry has become overly defined, not allowing for enough creativity and gut instinct. His solution: focus on professionalism, not fleeting perks..

Keith Rowley is an engineering and management professional with experience in business management and technology roles in Australia and internationally. He integrates companies into cohesive, goal-oriented entities around strong culture and common values. He has a track record of success driving large multi-disciplinary R&D teams and profitable business units. He is also a joint owner of Sydney Business Web, which provides advanced business websites and eCommerce technology to businesses small and large. He finds the pain-points in companies’ strategies for revenue generation and ‘eases the pain’ with solutions.


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