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Every business needs a business plan, and every business launching itself online needs an online business plan. Our strong advice is to never, ever work without one. Below is a list of the key elements we will include in your plan, along with a typical price for what is required by a small business. Every plan is individual and unique with customers requiring different levels of support so a standard price is not possible.

What We Can Provide in Your Online Business Plan

  • Website Budget - Build and Run
  • Tools Budget - According to need - Image Processing Tools, Quoting Tools etc.  Depending on which work you decide to do yourself and which work you decide to contact out, we will advise you on the best tools for the job and the associated investment required. 
  • SEO Keyword Analysis - This lies at the core of your business plan and its importance cannot be overemphasized. We will include a thorough analysis in your plan.  
  • SEO Competitor Analysis - without this, it's possible to waste thousands of dollars on keywords that will never give you a positive return on investment. This is another critical aspect of your plan. 
  • Platform Analysis for advertising - determine which is most effective for your business according to reach and product type
  • eMail Campaigns Budget and Plan or Tools and Training with SMTP Setup done for you
  • Facebook advertising budget with conversion analysis and predictive budget 
  • Amazon business analysis - FBA costs, Advertising costs refunds costs and storage costs
  • Website conversion rates - this part of your online business plan should never be pure guesswork.
  • Profit Loss, Expense and  Revenue business projections
  • Technical and Business Support - this is personal and affordable support from Keith Rowley -  a seasoned business and technical professional. 
Keith Rowley: Author of Online Business Engineering

Keith Rowley MBA BSc (Hons) - Customer Strategist

Pricing of Business Planning Services

We offer these services (online business plan and its elements)  within a whole online business plan, but not piecemeal. Each is tailored to each specific business, location, product and service range. Typically, a plan incorporating the elements needed will cost around $1200 +GST.

I do these myself, personally, using my 30 years of business and engineering experience and help you to track your progress over the months, giving you the feedback and measurements you need to succeed in your online business.

If you would like to learn more about the process, you can read more here or just contact me directly. If you would like to learn more about my professional background, you can look me up on Linkedin where you will see my professional references and experience.


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