20 Critical Website Design Points for a Custom Home Builder

Website Guidelines for custom house builders

Building a Website That Stands Out: A Guide for Custom Home Builders

1. First Impressions & Curb Appeal

Your homepage is the mansion's grand entrance. Use high-quality images showcasing your best works. If visitors aren’t slowing their scroll, you're doing it wrong.

2. Fifty Shades of Beige is a No-Go

Spice up with color psychology. Throw in some vibrant contrasts! Just as a splashback tile pops in a kitchen, let your CTAs stand out with striking complementary colors.

3. Asymmetry, Eye’s Candy

Asymmetric designs naturally grab attention. Perhaps it's the unpredictability? Use this in layout and image placement. Your site should be as intriguing as a home with a hidden room.

4. Been There, Built That

Display those trust signals like they're your trophy room. Client testimonials, before-and-after photos, and even time-lapse videos can prove your building prowess.

5. Choice Overload

Limit options, but make them good. Create curated design collections. If clients wanted 300 floor tiles choices, they'd have gone to a DIY store.

6. Smiles, Real Ones

Emotion sells. Showcase authentic happy client moments. A genuine laugh beats a photoshopped family picnic any day.

7. My Gang is Bigger

Use social proof. Show the number of happy homeowners who've trusted you. And if that number is high, bold it, enlarge it, neon-light it!

8. Direct Directions

CTAs should be as direct as a blueprint. “Start Building Dreams Here” with an architect’s tool icon? Cute and effective.

9. Speak Human

Infuse personality in your copy. Instead of “We build homes,” how about “Turning your wild scribbles into sturdy bricks since 1999”?

10. Funny Bones and Bricks

A laugh can seal a deal. A quirky FAQ or humor-infused blog can make you memorable.

11. Big Fonts, Big Impact

Prioritize readability. "Honey, where are my reading glasses?" should never be uttered while browsing.

12. Freebies, Not Just Bricks

Offer a free e-guide on “Designing Your Dream Home 101.” They get a sneak peek, you get their email. Win-win.

13. Behind the Scaffold

Show behind-the-scenes content. Let’s face it, everyone wants to see a time-lapse of a house being built.

14. Simple Paths, Not Mazes

Navigating your site shouldn’t feel like being trapped in a home’s winding corridor. Clear menus, please!

15. Homeowner Tales

Weave client testimonials into relatable stories. “From a doodle on a napkin to a four-bedroom palace – our journey with [Company Name].”

16. Layman, Not Lame-Man

Ditch the jargon. "Eco-friendly insulating solutions"? Just say, “Walls that keep your bills low and Earth happy.”

17. FOMO Foundations

Showcase time-bound offers. “Free garden landscaping for homes booked this summer!”

18. Hidden Treasures

A surprise discount popping up after 5 minutes? A delightful Easter egg for those who linger.

19. Homey Feels

Personal touches, perhaps a video message from the CEO, make visitors feel they're in good hands.

20. Stay Connected, Not Just Electrics

Offer chat support or a callback option. A friendly prompt like, “Dreaming of a skylight? Let’s chat stars!” could initiate many conversations.

Remember, most builders have generic, one-size-fits-all sites. These may save them a dime, but they won't mint them any money. A website should reflect the uniqueness and craftsmanship that goes into every custom-built house. No cookie cutters allowed, unless you're baking!Enter your text here...


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