Original Art for Your Website and Business Adds Value and Style

Art for Websites and Business Premises

Original Art: Google Search results for "Artist Hettie Rowley"

Are You Serious About Your Company's Identity? Do You Need Original Art?

Whether or not your company and website will benefit from original art is a matter of identity.  if you are a drop-shipper selling cheap knick-knacks, then this will not help you. 

But what if you are a furniture seller, an interior designer, a proud company with a board room visited by senior clients and consultants? That's a different story - original art can make a real difference.

What if you are a family firm, proud of your history and your founders, and the ethos with which you do business? That's also a different story.

What if you are a restaurant that aspires to creating genuine and unique ambiance? That's a another different story.

Get the idea?

If you Want Your Business to Have a Unique Identity, Use Original Art

When you enter a restaurant, or a boardroom or a website or a hotel, or a car showroom or any other business, you look around! What you see around you makes an immediate and indelible impression and with original art, than can be an impression that captures customers.

  • Cheap artwork looks cheap and makes you look cheap
  • Computer artwork looks synthetic - cheap plastic goods
  • Stock images make you look like a used car salesman of the worst type
  • Real artwork stands out and gives your company the imprimatur of integrity and success - especially if it's by a bona- fide award winning artist,

It's Not Just About Original Art and Snobbery - It's About Identity

it's very common these days to hear such things as "yes, I can get something like that from China" or "I want the cheapest". That might be fine for buying a plastic cutlery set, but it really won't do your business any good! 

Art can be a significant contributor to creating a solid company identity. You can use it on your website to great effect, on your printed materiel and brochures, on your videos and social media

Beautiful Original Art in the workplace benefits your staff and business 

"...reduce stress at the office, increase creativity and productivity, enhance employee morale, broaden appreciation of diversity, and encourage open dialogue? Art in the workplace promotes all these fundamental needs -- and even more -- for any successful business." Bizjournals

The Role of Your logo in Corporate Identity

Your business' logo design is also a piece of original art on which you should not skimp. You don't need to spend thousands, but you do need an original art logo that says to the website visitor - 'This is us and we're unique. Your  logo should be congruous with your corporate color scheme and create an indelible impression. Original artwork will complement this, overall creating your brand identity. For that, you need a real artist.


get started online NOW with your LOGO AND ORIGINAL ARTWORK

About the author 

Rowley Keith MBA BSc (Hons)

A qualified business manager and design engineer with many years of real-world business experience.

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