Creating New Opportunities for all Companies in the Building and Trades Industries

Building industry opportunities

Huge Opportunities in The Not – So Connected Building Industry

Companies in the building industry are not exploiting the vast potential of audience sharing and intelligence exchange. This represents a huge opportunity for local companies across Australia in the building, support and renovations arena. Whether you are a builder, electrician, plumber or carpenter, a landscaper, interior designer, insurer or any other part of the building industry, this opportunity is for you.

Building Projects: Become the Next Link in the Chain of Business

One example of what we mean: When a builder finds a new project, that’s just a link in the chain. Within the project, there may be a need for project electricians; when electricians are hired, there may still be a need for plumbers – and have landscapers even been approached yet? Every small and medium company misses out on work through not being interconnected and visible to other industry companies – being the next link in the chain.  By the time they find out about these opportunities - if they ever find out - they have already been taken. Being connected is of the essence today.

This is true of larger projects, but it is also acutely true of micro-projects, where customers land on a supplier’s website and still need other suppliers.  For instance, a customer who finds a plumber’s website might need an electrician – and visa versa. A customer who finds a builder’s website might need an interior decorator. The opportunity for local businesses to help each other is vast.

Interconnections in the Building Industry

Exploiting Online Opportunity in the Building Industry 

A) Building Industry Grapevine Interconnections

What we need to do, as a start, is to connect industry players directly for discussion, and information exchange on an ‘industry dedicated grapevine’ platform.  We have created that platform already. As the platform grows, we will add additional functions and facilities using your feedback.

That platform is Building Leads Sydney and it is free to join and list your company. It offers the following:

  • Unique and exclusive to the Australian building industry – all involved companies and entities
  • Comprehensive company listing
  • Discussion forums private and public
  • Discussions on a topic by topic basis
  • Job and project postings
  • Amplifies your online presence with an attractive, searchable B2C platform
  • Connects you to companies right across the industry
  • Acts as an effective industry grapevine

That's one form of industry interconnection, and we hope you use it and win work through it. But the next method we advocate and provide for will usually give faster results for smaller companies - that's our Banner Exchange Project.

B) The Building Industry and Trades Banner Exchange Project

Our Banner Exchange Program facilitates direct interconnection between ‘partner companies’, bringing you leads from other companies in the building industry that are not in competition with your company.  Sydney Business Web is adding companies to its database for this project.

Building industry trades interconnections

Every building industry company on our database will have access to a range of local companies they can ‘partner’ with directly and gain access to each other’s web traffic through our Website Banner Exchange. We will negotiate with whichever company you want to partner with, and strictly limit the mutual partnerships so that you always benefit from uniqueness. This of course means that every single partnership possibility is unique, valuable, and exclusive.

So when a customer finds an electrcian, they can also find a plumber and a landscaper - without going back to the search engine. This is a very powerfulway for compamies in the building industry to leverage their web presence and win more business. 

This is what we offer your company:

  • Negotiate your banner space on your chosen partner company website
  • Design your banner around your company logo
  • Negotiate your partner company’s banner space on your website
  • Add the banners to each website as agreed with links to each other’s site.


1. What if my business doesn’t have a website?

Talk to us – our website division are specialists in designing high conversion websites – Sydney Business Web

2. Can you place banners on all types of website?

We work with almost all website types. We’ll consider every site on its own merits. If you are not sure, contact our website division and we’ll get right back to you.

What does the Listing on Building Leads cost?

The listing is free.

What will the Building Industry Banner Exchange Program cost?

  • Banner design $75 up-front
  • Negotiation and agreement with partner company: $75 one-off. This fee is paid once only so if your preferred company does not want to exchange banners with you, there will be no further fee for further negotiation with other companies you like.
  • Banner placement on your chosen partner site: $120 one-off. The banner is linked to your website.

What else can you help my company with?

We offer:

  • Targeted, organic traffic generation with SEO
  • Logo design by an award-winning artist
  • Conversion optimized professional websites and eCommerce websites
  • Social media strategies.
  • Website traffic analysis

We're all about winning business oin the building industry and trades. We work on customer flow from acquisition through to conversion – on and off site. Whether you need to connect to your industry and/or to end users/customers, which is what this article is about, or you are connected but people are not acting on your website – we can help professionally, starting with a free assessment.

About the Author

Keith Rowley, the joint owner of Sydney Business Web and Building Leads Sydney,  is a business manager and systems engineer. He holds advanced degrees in business and engineering from Bond Australia and the UCL in the UK respectively. He has 30 years managerial and executive experience and started Sydney Business Web to help local companies succeed online.

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About the author 

Rowley Keith MBA BSc (Hons)

A qualified business manager and design engineer with many years of real-world business experience.

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