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This website has a brand new chatbot that we programmed ourselves. try talking to Rob as though you were just visiting and trying to find out about a new website. Rob is brand new as of 23 August 2020 and will continue to learn and grow,

Rob is extendable and we can add a host of facilities including:

1. Record of all discussions for analysis

2. Extension for eCommerce

3. Live discussion switch-over when you want to take over from Ron to talk to your webeite visitors

4. Infinitely adaptable - you can add more and more information to Rob's database

5. Mailing list integration with Mailchimp

6. Facebook Messenger Integration

You can find out why you business website can benefit from a chatbot here. Prices start at around $600 for a Bot trained with 20 'intents' and 100 questions. This includes integration with the Google Dialogue Engine. (WordPress sites only).


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