Redirect Hackers to The World’s Most Useless Website!

Managing Security of a WordPress Website

Managing Security of a WordPress Website: A Fun Guide to Frustrating Attackers!

1. SSL Installation: The Shield Your Site Deserves

Let’s begin our adventure in website security with the magical realm of SSL Installation. In this world, data travels across the vast universe of the internet, and without a shield, this data is like a knight in shining armor... with no armor. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypts data, making it a must-have for any WordPress site, especially e-commerce and business websites. By encrypting data transfers, SSL thwarts nefarious web marauders from stealing sensitive information. So, start your security quest by installing an SSL certificate and watch your site transform into an impregnable fortress! Sometimes, your agency can supply a free SSL certificate and at others it might cost you up to US$120 per annum.

2. WordFence: Your Loyal Sentry

Marching on to WordFence, a gallant guard for your WordPress bastion. With constant surveillance, WordFence scans your kingdom for malware, malicious traffic, and potential vulnerabilities. Now, you stand at a crossroads – the Free Path or the Premium Trail? The free version is a sturdy shield, fighting off many a foe. But the premium path? Ah, it's like arming your guards with flaming swords and indestructible shields. For e-commerce empires, where the treasure trove is brimming, the premium path is the wise warrior's choice. Business websites, too, will find the advanced protection worth every golden coin.

3. WP 301 Redirects: Redirecting Rogues to Ridiculousness!

Enter the lair of WP 301 Redirects, a plugin that unveils the secret paths hackers tread upon. With this mighty tool, discover the URLs invaders are probing. And now, for a jest most joyous! Redirect these digital delinquents to the most pointless place in the virtual realm – the Useless Cat Game. Oh, how they will gnash their teeth and pull their hair as their sinister schemes lead only to feline futility!

Witness an example from our very logs: The path ‘/Temporary_Listen_Addresses/’ - an attempt to sneak into the vaults of configuration. But with WP 301 Redirects, send this sly scoundrel straight to the frolicking felines! Another – ‘/.env’ - seeking the secrets of environment files. Foil this foul play with a quick trip to cat capers. The guffaws will echo through the corridors as each attempt to infiltrate your fortress is met with mewing madness!

Conclusion: Concluding the Quest of Security and Sass

In the grand quest of WordPress website security, arm thyself with the mighty SSL, let WordFence be your steadfast sentry, and wield the whimsical weapon of WP 301 Redirects to turn tricksters into befuddled cat enthusiasts. Defend your domain with these potent protections, and may your laughter at lovable kitties forever drown out the laments of thwarted hackers!

Stay secure, and stay sassy!


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A qualified business manager and design engineer with many years of real-world business experience.

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