Why Your Business Needs an Online Shop

Local Business Empty Shops

A Pivotal Moment of Change for Local Business

As a Local Business, Whether you are a seller of cakes or haircuts, meat or clothing, jewelry, electrical services or anything else - your world just changed forever. The Corona Virus pandemic, whether it's been mismanaged or not, has driven people into their homes and made them much, much more reliant on online purchases. This will not be a temporary change.

Although millions of people already shop online, millions more will have to learn how! And once they do, they will keep going back online.  These are the people who always said 'I can't use a computer' or 'I don't trust it' - millions upon millions of them. If you have no online store, then your business is rules out of the race before it's started.

Local Business Must Adapt to the Online World

Around 30% of local business doesn't have even a website, let alone an online shop. If they continue in this way into the coming period, they will simply reduce their chances of survival. But what of the other 70% that do have websites?

Astoundingly, our own investigations have shown that some 80% or more of local businesses do not have an online store, booking facility or any SEO. This is the kiss of death in the coming years and only the smart businesses will have a chance of prospering or even surviving.

Even the Smart Local Business is Getting it Wrong - SEO

Most (yes, MOST) of the local business owners we have spoken with have absolutely zero understanding of why they need Search Engine Optimization. The fact is that without some SEO effort, both onsite and offsite, your website will never break the surface and be visible - your competitors will beat you every time. Having a great website isn't enough - it must be seen prominently when people search for services and products like yours. There's an old saying that the best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google - which sums things up nicely.

Local Business Needs a Trusted Partner and an Online Strategy

You're right - we're trying to sell you something! But for local business, what we're offering is like food and water to a human being - essential. Affordable. Rewarding.

How We can Help You

Whatever the online situation of your local may be, we can help you right now. If you have a website, we can almost always add a shop. If you have no website yet, we can get you started - fast and with a whole range of price options.

Ok - How Much?

You will be pleasantly surprised at the cost of getting your local business online. An effective single-page website starts out at around $850. A much more extensive website will cost you less than $2,000. Adding an online shop can be done for less than $800 depending on the number of products you need posted. 

Further  Reading on how the crisis affects local business

For more background information, check out this article on the New York Times


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About the author 

Rowley Keith MBA BSc (Hons)

A qualified business manager and design engineer with many years of real-world business experience.

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