PinPoint Local Premium Business Website Hosting for Sydney Local Business

Sydney business website hosting

Finding a clean and optimized server, or host, is important for having lightning fast clicks, speedy updates, and high security - premium WordPress hosting with updates and backups is essential. Our pinpoint Local servers are optimized to serve your website with dedicated speed and resources.

We ensure your website is safe and that software is backed up as soon as updates are available.  Weekly backups and instant retrieval mean that you never need to worry about losing your website.  Fast and Safe hosting for Sydney Business - it's what we do.


Our servers are dedicated and optimized for business websites built to our specifications.

100% CLEAN 

We never accept any adult or pharma websites on our servers.


We have weekly backups sent to Amazon S3 with an instant retrieval system.

Software always up to date

regular software updates keep your business website secure and efficient. 


As many visitors as your site can take - you'll never run out of bandwidth

99.9% Uptime 

We keep our servers in tip-top condition and they will not let you down.

Daily Weekly Monthly Backups - Each site

You'll never lose your valuable site - our backups make sure of that.

24 x 7 tech Support

Our servers have full support fro our technical team so that if anything does go wrong - they're there to sort it out - FAST.

Virus and Malware Protection

Our servers have the highest levels of security and protection as well as DDOS protection.

Unlimited Email Accounts

As many email accounts as your site needs - our servers deliver.

Manage WordPress Hosting

Lighten the load on managing you website with our managed WordPress hosting.

Unlimited Subdomains

As long as you are inside our mammoth 5GB allowance you can have as many subdomains as you wish - and we can always grow your space.

We have a whole range of hosting plans to suit your business. The above facilities vary from plan to plan. 


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