Website Chatbot – Does Your Business Website Need One?

What Happens on Your Business Website Moment to Moment? - Does  Website Chatbot Help?

The first thing we are going to say here is that...

There is no substitute for website speed and organization - which provide a great user experience. 

if  visitors can find what they need on your website within a few seconds and with minimal clicks, then you probably don't need a website chatbot. But how many business websites satisfy those criteria?  When visitors don't find what they need - fast - they simply leave.

Fix Your Business website Speed and before even thinking about a Business Website Chatbot

If your website takes longer than a handful of seconds to visibly load, then don't even think about fancy enhancements like website chatbots - fix your business website first. if it takes your visitor more than two clicks to find what he/she is looking for on your website - again, forget the enhancements - fix your business website first.

What Do Customers Need on Business Websites?



Eye-Magnets that get customers to the information they need

Purposeful, eye-catching  visuals with links to content

Fast access to information

1) Website speed, speed and more speed.

2) Professional topology design - never more than 2 clicks to get to what you need

Information not on the website

Chat line (live) or Business Website ChatBot, contact button with form or email link - EASY to see.

Quotations / Estimated costs

Ticky-box form with price calculator; 'request quite' button, or Business Website Chatbot to leave email or phone.

So Why Use a Business Website Chatbot?

Because many people who visit a website don't even want to click once - they want to talk to someone or even something NOW! A business website chatbot can fulfill that need if designed well. Furthermore, a good business website chatbot will be based on AI (artificial intelligence) and will learn and develop more natural dialogue as it is trained by the data generated by customer interaction.

Consumers undoubtedly prefer talking to real people, but when you are not available, a business website  chatbot is a pretty good substitute and it will improve your conversion of visitor to buyer. In other words, it fills a niche on your business website and as such it can be very useful indeed.

"The companies that have failed to integrate chatbots into their business could be missing out on not only pleasing their customers but also growing their sales. By 2023, chatbots are expected to drive more than $100 billion in sales, according to an estimate from Juniper Research. - Mobilemarketer


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About the author 

Rowley Keith MBA BSc (Hons)

A qualified business manager and design engineer with many years of real-world business experience.

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