FAST One Day Websites

What Can You Expect from Our FAST Website Range?

You can expect everything you expect from any website, including a website you've waited for for weeks and maybe months.  The Key Difference is that you get it right away! It's a bit like the difference between buying a dress or a suit from a tailor who makes it from scratch or an off-the shelf customized item that already exists but which is adjusted in size, color and anything else to meet your individual needs.

This allows us to provide you with what you need really quickly. 


  • eCommerce  / shop
  • Galleries
  • Images
  • New pages
  • Membership systems
  • Galleries in various styles
  • Anything else your business needs

Things You Need to Provide

  • A Logo (Or our artist can design one for you - fee applies in addition to website basic cost)
  • Your payment account for eCommerce (PayPal or Stripe etc) if you are accepting online payment
  • Color scheme for your site
  • Images you require (we can provide some but a modest fee is applied to the website basic cost)
  • Product details and images (if you are selling online)
  • A domain (we can obtain one for you, price included in the website base price). Sometimes you might want the domain on which we have built the site already and that might be subject to another modest fee. Premium domaisn do cost more though.

How Much Do Your FAST websites cost?

The price varies from a minimum $699 for a one-page site to up to $5000 for an advanced eCommerce site, Smaller eCommerce sites can cost from $2000 upwards. These numbers are approximate and will vary from time to time according to demand and our availability. Note also that out 'one page sites' do include standard pages for terms and coinditions, privacy etc as required by legislation.

Are there any other fees?

The only cost apart from the website itself (as above) is website hosting and technical support. We bundle these things together and the cost is between $25 per month (payable annually in advance) and $150 per month for large complex sites that need considerable monthly support. Generally though our eCommerce sites require hosting and support plans at around $50 per month. Also, if you want security certificates (SSL) with insurance, then these run to around $150 per annum, also payable in advance. We try to avoid the use of expensive paid software plugins, but sometime they are unavoidable. Every site is different.

What we have right now

(Price is exclusive of GST and annual hosting/support). if you need to add to any of the sites, we guarantee the price will be cost-effective.


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Cold Transport and Logistics

Autoelectric parts

Gentle Counselling

Finest Dining (Restaurant)

Sydney Fashion (FASHION)

Plumbers' Site

Accountants and Book Keepers - One page

Landscaping and Gardening Website

Full Featured Real Estate Website

General Business 1 or 2 Page Site - UNDER OFFER

Small Restaurant or Cafe 7 Takeaway

One Page Construction / Builder

Full  Featured eCommerce Department Store

One Page Jewelers' Website 

The Dog Walker's One Page Website

Beauty Website

Gym and Fitness Website

Car Wash Business One Page Website 

Cleaning Company Business

One Page Websites

We can make you a tailored FAST ONE PAGE website in a day - take a look at the accountant website above as an example. The price is from $899 plus annual hosting and support fees (from $25/month annually in advance).  We will be adding more one page ready made FAST sites here every week.