Advanced Search Ads


This package is for campaigns that have an ad spend of $2,000 to $4,999 in addition to our operations/management fee.

These text-form ads show up on Google Search result pages when someone searches for your services. This package is for one campaign only.

Search Ads Account Setup

In order to kick off your Search Ads campaign, we create the following:

  • Google Ads account
  • Google Analytics account
  • Google Tag Manager account
  • Phone Call, Email and Form Conversion Setup and Tracking

If you have an existing account, we can study your existing data and strategies, pick what worked, and build on it to maximize your return on ads spent on new accounts. We require administrator-level access for these old accounts.

Paid Ads Strategy

In order to get you results through your Paid Ads campaign, we build a custom strategy for your business, industry, and customers. This includes a detailed 30-60 minute discussion around:

  • Understanding your target audience and geographical reach
  • Understanding your competitors
  • Understanding your market and offerings
  • Defining your estimated budget
  • Discussions to identify your USP (Unique Selling Points)
  • Understanding your sales/conversion cycle
  • Understanding your current assets
Paid Ads Content

For your Paid Ads strategy, we will need to create content tailored to your business, audience, industry, and keywords. This includes:

  • Ad copy creation (text-only)
Paid Ads Optimization

We optimize your ads on a regular basis, including:

  • Ad copy optimization (text-only)
  • Geographic, demographic and device-level targeting
  • Ad extensions
  • Bid modifications
  • Target keyword optimization
  • Negative keywords
  • Ad strength optimization
Ad Reporting

At Sydney Business Web, we believe in transparency and data. We communicate with you once a fortnight to update you on what is working with your campaign and what we are going to do to optimize your ads further.

Fees: 1500/month +GST. You manage the Google payments on your own account.


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