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Professional Listing Website for the Building Industry

Building industry lists - A Listing Site for the Australian Building Industry and Trades

What is  the Purpose of a Business Listing Website?

Most small business owners have seen business listing websites, but even those who have used them and listed their businesses have often done so 'just in case' - they don't understand the very real benefits. Many businesses have simply not listed at all.

The Benefits of Listing your Small Business on a Business Listing Website

There are three ways to be found on a search engine:

  1. Organic search results - requires SEO and high ranking
  2. Advertising (continuous)
  3. Business Listings

Ads and search terms can be targeted geographically and with generic keywords,  such as "plumber near me", or "electrician Caringbah" or "Business Websites Sydney" and so on. But even your ad position will depend on your advertising spend (some appear on the bottom of the page) and for top search ranking you need either seriously good SEO or very narrow search terms such as "ladies' hairdresser specializing in hairpieces in Sydney".

Business listings are different because the carry the weight of having links to high-value, highly authporitative sites. Although this doesn't provide 'link juice', it tells the search engines that 'this site is connected to sites we rank and trust'.  Also, over time, listing sites tend to earn valuable backlinks which benefits every listing on the site.

Google Likes Reputable Listing Sites

When it comes to selling online, there is nothing, but nothing that helps like good reviews, and reviews left on listing sites can rank very highly indeed. And when people look for reviews - which a lot of consumers do before buying, they go to listing sites. Here we searched for 'Reviews Sydney Business Web". See how the top six results are listing sites. 

reviews search

Does Listing My Site in a Business Listing Website Help My Business' SEO?

Not much. Of course, there is a link back to your business website, but that's only a very small boost if any. However, it does have value as it is part of a much larger number of low value links that you should have to give your site a widespread presence which helps the whole link building process and gradual increase  your website's authority as you undertake serious SEO exercises. 

Cross Pollination on Business Listing Sites

When a person goes looking for a local company such as an electrician, they might also need a plumber - and if you are not listed then that customer will simply not find you. This alone is a compelling reason to be listed. But, as the TV Adverts we all groan at say so clearly, 'but wait, there's more!' Once a customer has found a company on a lsiting site and had a good experience, guess where they will go to look for their next needs - a plumber, or a builder?

Building Leads Sydney - A New Type of Listing Site for the Building Industry and Tradesmen

Building Leads Sydney  is a listing site for all Australian builders and trades companies.  In all, we have created categories for the following:

  • Architects
  • Builders
  • Building Supplies
  • Carpenters
  • Cleaning Companies
  • Demolition
  • Electricians
  • Flooring
  • Insurance
  • Interior Designers
  • Landscapers
  • Plumbers
  • Real Estate
  • Roofing
  • Surveyors
  • Tree Felling

If we missed the sector you're in, please tell us and we'll add it immediately. The site is free to join.

The Unique New Features of Building Leads Sydney

Building Leads Sydney is much more that a listing site, impressive though that is. The following features are also available and free to use for the building industry in Australia:

  • Industry chat and disussion boards - public or private
  • Project notification boards
  • Private messaging facilities
  • Jobs forum

The purpose of these facilities is to create local pools of information so that local players can find out about locally available work and projects as quickly as possible - giving local companies an information edge. This is also free to use.

Our Building Industry Interconnection Project

This project takes local interconnection one step further and allows local companies to directly interconnect with each other so that for instance a customer visiting a plumber can also see a partner electrician.  If you are interested in gaining a local advantage, please read more about it here: BUILDING INDUSTRY INTERCONNECTION PROJECT


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Online Strategies for the Building Industry and Contractors in the era of Covid-19

Online Strategies for the Building Industry

Online Strategies for the Building Industry

Who is this article intended for?

This article is for the Building Industry including (but not restricted to):

  • Building and construction companies
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Architects
  • Landscapers
  • Interior designers
  • Building insurers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Demolitions Companies
  • Building Materials Suppliers
  • Carpenters
  • Painters and Decorators
  • Every one of these companies  needs online strategies for the building industry. But where to begin? We'll start by having a look at some of the problems the industry faces.

    Overview of the Australian Building Industry in 2020 amid the Covid Outbreak

    In 2019, almost 1.2 million people were employed in the construction and building industry – which is a massive contribution of almost ten percent of jobs in our country.  Prior to the Covid problem, a further 120,000 jobs were anticipated by May 2023. This means we were predicting a 10% rise in employment in construction.

    The majority of workers in this industry cannot work from home (stating the obvious!), but the suspension of work will lead to a significant backlog and many projects will all start up at once, hungry for skilled workers and materials.  Prices will doubtless rise in response to the shortages which could render many projects uneconomic unless they are renegotiated.

    When the Covid-19 crisis passes us by as it surely will, these problems will return with a vengeance. Will your company be prepared? Will you have used this time to prepare yourself for the modified behaviors that your suppliers, customers and staff will display?

    The economic contribution of the Australian building industry

    Construction annually generates over A$360 billion dollars in revenue and generates almost ten percent of Australia’s GDP. It is the third biggest economic contributor to Australia, surpassed only by medical care and retail.

    Problems the industry experienced before the Covid outbreak

    Before the Covid outbreak and the decision to stop Australia(!), the construction industry already faced significant problems, some of which arose from the industry’s growth trajectory – the ‘nice to have’ problems for any company! These problems included:

    • Skilled labour shortages
    • An aging workforce- as long ago as 2018 Australia, eight out of nine skills in the industry were in short supply.
    • Cash flow
    • Small profit margins
    • On site theft and vandalism
    • Communication
    • Insurance costs
    • Unreliable subcontractors
    • Early exposure to new technologies – and adoption of those technologies
    • Lack of unique brand and capability awareness.

    These numbers and lists come from industry sources, and they he one HUGE GAP.

    The Problem of Information Flow

    As the current pandemic has shown, things change fast. But not only with Black Swan events like this, but day to day demand for skilled people, materials and can suddenly undergo significant change.

    One trusted and dynamic way to gain a continuous competitive advantage in speed of response to change is to know what’s going on – by plugging in to the builders’ grapevine. The industry needs an online space dedicated to the building industry; a place where builders, electricians and all the other players in the industry can place their business profiles and talk to each other – privately or publicly.

    Using such a platform, networks can be built that will develop professional relationships, collaboration and fast response.

    And that’s why we built

    Addressing problems in your company with online strategies for the building industry

    The communications channel we are talking about to address these issues is informal rather than formal, offering industry participants a place to spread their latest news about projects, to tell people your company is available to bid and to build a network of industry wide friends, collaborators and partners.

    A place to talk and to be found

    Achieving this means having a place to do two things:

    • List you company
    • Talk publicly
    • Talk privately

    It also means being placed where the public can find you, even though that’s a secondary benefit.

    Building Leads Sydney  – What we provide - free

    Online Strategies for the Building Industry


    Let me say first that Building leads Sydney is currently free and for those who sign up in 2020 it will remain free. After that, we will probably start charging a listing fee.   This is what you get simply by signing up:

    • A Superb, professional business listing into which you can post your company images, address, reviews and more.
    • Your own chat forum where you can network with other members of your industry privately or publicly
    • A public forum where you can start and participate in the key issues facing your industry

    To start with, we have provided the following forums:


    But that's just a beginning and you can add your own projects and threads.

    Why we are involve din online strategies for the building industry?

    We are doing this simply because we want to become the number 1 supplier of web technology to the building industry in Australia - simple as that.  To get something - you have to give something and this is our gift to you as a way of introducing pour company. 

    Of course - you never have to do business with us and you are perfectly welcome to list your business and participate in our forums forever - at no charge,

    Online Strategies for the Building Industry: End Statement

    We hope you get real value from and that it helps to grow your networks and your revenue. And if you ever need help with you company's online presence - websites, SEO, Social Media and apps - we're here for you.

    Note: This is the second article we've written on the building industry. If you are interested i our article on connecting builders to architects, you can it out  here


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    Connecting Luxury House Builders in Sydney to Architects

    Connecting Sydney NSW Builders to Architects

    Connecting Builders to Architects in NSW

    We were talking to a new builder client recently. His company builds high-value luxury houses in Sydney and NSW. This was a fascinating discussion that allowed us to find the pain-points for builders in the Luxury House Builders market in the region.

    What are the Pain Points for Luxury House Builders in Sydney and NSW?

    Some of our customers are in the building industry and suffer badly from gaps in their sales and project pipelines. Leads for this industry come not from the public but from architects here in NSW, and each lead has a potential value of millions of dollars. But most builders do not connect at all well to the community of architects that supplies the lifeblood of their businesses. 

    Whether you're a builder of luxury homes or of shopping centers, projects get cancelled and that can lead to business difficulties as you struggle to fill the gaps. You need to be connected to your lead-suppliers!

    So if you are a builder of luxury homes, or otherwise rely on architects, I have a few questions for you - 

    1) how good is your networking with architects 
    2) do architects ever see your website?
    3) are you socially and business-wise plugged in to architects social and professional networks?
    4) does your website have anything of interest to architects to make them visit and return?
    5) does your website rank for keywords of interest to architects?

    At Sydney Business Web, we understand business - we were founded my an MBA qualified executive who leads our company. 
    We analyse your sales pipeline, and provide the means of filling it using online networking, business websites and keyword analysis.

    We'll connect your Sydney NSW Builders company to its architect lead sources and keep it connected.


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