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What Can SEO do for YOUR Business?

The SEO Numbers Game

SEO is an investment, not an expense with no return. If there was no return then SEO would not be a global multi-billion dollar business. For the vast majority of businesses selling online, ranking on searches is absolutely critical. Some businesses operate purely through referral, but that is a minority and they also can benefit hugely from organic ranking on search engines - by which we usually mean Google.

SEO means BEING FOUND amongst the billions and billions of websites on the web. We explain what you need to achieve that below, but let's first look at the rewards:

1) Position 1 on Google gets 32% of clicks 

2) Position 2 on Google gets 17% of clicks

3) Position 3 on Google gets 8% of clicks

What About the Ads above the organic listings?

That's a great question. The investigations we've done recently show that the paid ads at the top of the page take 32% of the clicks, except for very competitive ads for retail type products where they can take 60%. Desktop users are more likely to go for organic results and using SEO alone for a business with mainly mobile traffic can be risky. Every business needs to evaluate on its own merits.  For the purposes of approximate calculations, we are going to assume that Google Ads take 35% of the clicks.

Working Assumptions for this exercise

  • Searches per month for your product: 2000
  • Google Ads clicks: 700
  • Organic Clicks: 1300
  • Your product price: $500
  • Your Gross Margin: $50%
  • Your SEO Spend monthly: $2000
  • Your website conversion rate: 5% 


Position 1 / 32% of clicks

Position 2 / 17% of clicks

Position 3/ 11% of clicks

Position 4 / 8% of clicks

Clicks to your website





Conversions at 5%





Gross Revenue





Gross profit at 50%





Net profit after SEO at $2000/month





SEO Conclusions:

  • It's well worth getting to the number 1 spot in terms of revenue and profit - as fast as you can. But that depends on spend.
  •  It is extremely important to have a high conversion rate on your website. 5% is a good number for most industries, but in eCommerce you can generally expect a much lower rate. On the upside though, in eCommerce, you may have many thousands of searchers, not the small number have used above.
  • While your website is rising through the ratings you will be investing money for a future returns - SEO is not an overnight results business. However, once you have ranked well, as long as you keep up the SEO, you will make [predictable returns month after month and can now switch your SEO to other products and services, keeping around 25% focused on the now successful product.

So how aggressively will you pursue the ranking? We refer to these plans and calculations as ONLINE BUSINESS ENGINEERING.

SEO for Local Business

The table above typically describes a business selling products nationally and locally. However, selling purely locally it is much easier to rank. We will use our own website as an example as our customers' details are very confidential

Conduct a search from anywhere on Google for us at the indicated regions:

Those are just examples, and although we haven't checked for a while, we're pretty sure we're still doing well because of the queries we received.  Here's how we look for Sydney:

Sydney Business Web SEO ranking

And here for Sutherland Shire:

ranking Sutherland Shire SEO

As we said above, ranking like this, locally, is much easier and less costly as long as your website is correctly structured for SEO.

SEO - How Google recognizes and ranks your Business Website

Google is a complex beast, as we all know. But there is no 'Google secret code' or 'instant success secrets' or 'Page one Google  guaranteed' or no pay'. Frankly, that's all nonsense. Here's why:

1. SEO Begins at Home

SEO begins at home - on your landing page, in your content and all through your website. We call this On-Site SEO, and if you don't get that right, you're wasting your time and money on SEO contracts.

2. Content Counts

Content Counts - the whole purpose of search engines is to return to users the best quality websites for their purpose. If your content is not of the right quality, if it is not also seeded with the right keywords and if its SEO structure is not correct - you won't rank.

3. The Third Tier of SEO

Once you site is correctly structured and the content is of high quality, the next thing you need is a carefully designed input of external links. These come from a  variety of sources and the cost depends very much on whether you want to rank locally, nationally or internationally.  Put all three tiers of SEO together and you will rank.

What Sydney Business Web does for your SEO Success

Our SEO strategies will earn your site a higher ranking in search results. We’ll provide a full SEO keyword rankings report, a link building profile report and indexed page information. Our SEO  customer focused team will improve your traffic flow and increase sales for your online business operations.

SEO   is the lifeline of Australian online marketing. We offer our valued business clients a high quality and affordable package. Leave the rest up to us as our experts are trained on the latest guidelines from the world's biggest search engine - Google (which is our main focus).

What Our  SEO Packages Include


We'll measure the exact status of your SEO both online and off before we begin your campaign. 


We'll measure what you rank for and what you don't - then find out what your business priorities are before we design your campaign.


We'll set up your Facebook page and ready it for your campaign (or work on the one you already have).


We'll set up your Google MY Business page and ready it for your campaign (or work on the one you already have).

Regional SEO Pages

We'll do the on-board SEO on your business regions. This is critical before we launch your online campaign.

SEO plugins

We'll install highly specialized code plugins for your on-site SEO so that your SEO structure can be measured and corrected as needed. 

Sitemap Submission

We'll create and install your sitemap so that Google can find every page and article and product.

Blog Posts

We'll create topic-focused SEO optimised blog posts to promote your site online.

Press Releases

We'll create and distribute  topic-focused SEO optimized Press Releases posts to promote your site online and get a great base of links from prestige sites.


We'll create a prestige presence for your site across business registries, making it much easier for you to be found and providing great links that Google loves for business.

Social Media Posts

We'll create social media posts that link your whole website presence and promote your site, business and products, giving your website  a powerful and consolidated online presence. 


We'll create video posts for your business and place them strategically to help boost your rankings.


We'll create safe backlinks to give your website a wide diversity of links that Google looks for. 

Guest Posts

We'll create Guest Posts from high-powered sites that Google loves to give you powerful links and search-engine credibility. 

Content Creation

We'll create high quality content that Google loves to establish your site as a center of expertise. 


seo for local business


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