WooCommerce Business Website Cost Estimator

Please complete the form, selecting which website elements you. If anything is missing, please mention it in the text area of the message form. Once we receive your form, we'll call you and get back with a firm quotation. 

Notice:  This calculator does not work on older-iPhone models such as iPhone 6 (which Apple no longer supports). We don't like this and are looking for a replacement as our websites certainly do work on every model of iPhone we have tested, including the iPhone6. 

WooCommerce eCommerce Website Investment Calculator

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    This calculator provides a good approximation of the cost of a WooCommerce website, but it is NOT a formal quotation mechanism. We're pretty confident in it because we built it, but every website is different! So ask us for a quotation if you think we can help you.
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    The calculator EXCLUDES GST
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    Once we have received your form, we'll call or email you and then create a firm quotation. 
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    We have not included the export of material from existing sites in this form. That is because such exercises have a wide variation in complexity and price. If you need such a facility we will be pleased to quote on it - just describe what you need in the text field of the form.
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    Please also see our FAST  pre-built websites which have their own price structure. Click HERE to view.
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