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Website Design Bankstown - We love living in the Shire - it's one of the most beautiful parts of Australia. And right north of us in our Franchise region is historic Bankstown. But it's also very competitive for local businesses and we're here to help with that. We're Sydney Business Web - Pinpoint Local, and our business is connecting local business to customers with superb business websites and online services..

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The large Bankstown Central Shopping Center lies immediately to the northeast of the railway Station. First opened in 1966, it been expanded many times to cope with the increasing population. The railway connection helped to put Bankstown on the map for business and trade.

Bankstown's central business district is centered on its railway station. That is  where Bankstown Plaza is located - a very diverse area ethically with a host of restaurants and eateries.  

Bankstown hosts some of Australia's major industries including the aviation, engineering and maintenance at Bankstown Airport. So Website Design in Bankstown is a lively and competitive business. Other employers include small industrial operations, the public service and the retail industry. Sadly, the suburb is affected with unusually high unemployment and is subject to a dedicated income management program specifically targeting the problem. Knowledge of these issues is important to doing business in Bankstown.

Segment your online customer base in Bankstown

Your prospective customers are strongly segmented between well off and unfortunate in this region, so if we help your business online, we will need to understand your customer base - where exactly they live, their median incomes and shopping habits. In that way we can target your Bankstown business website for the best possible sale efficiency. 

 We offer one free one hour consultation to help you to gather this information before we think about designing your website.  Wre've gathered a few surprising facts though - 37.1% of people living in Bankstown were born in Australia. The other top responses for country of birth were Vietnam 14.1%, Lebanon 6.2%, China 5.3%, Pakistan 3.1% and Bangladesh 2.1%.

How do you reach this diverse customer base most efficiently? We'd love to talk with you about that!

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Your business in Bankstown is in a very diverse area - so where do most of your prospective customers hang out online? We can help you find out and get a real return for your online investment.

Business Website Hosting for bankstown and Sutherland Shire Business

Your website hosting hosting could be slowing down your website tremendously. When people visit a business website, literally every half second counts! To start with, we can measure your hosting performance at no charge and give you a report - free. Just click on our 'Free Consult' button below and tell us what you need on the form provided.

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Use our online booking system to make an appointment to talk to us either on the phone or at your office. Use the 'Appointments' button below. We're always happy to he;p new customers get established online whatever their business may be - from medical consulting to local electricians and stores. eCommerce is our specialty.

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In many cases, your Bankstown business website looks great and it's fast but you're not getting much business in return for your investment! 

If you want to grow your business month to month in Bankstown and surrounds, that means geographic and demographic targeting of your SEO design- and the same is true for ads on Facebook and Google and anywhere else in the online world. 

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