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Connecting Luxury House Builders in Sydney to Architects

Connecting Sydney NSW Builders to Architects

Connecting Builders to Architects in NSW

We were talking to a new builder client recently. His company builds high-value luxury houses in Sydney and NSW. This was a fascinating discussion that allowed us to find the pain-points for builders in the Luxury House Builders market in the region.

What are the Pain Points for Luxury House Builders in Sydney and NSW?

Some of our customers are in the building industry and suffer badly from gaps in their sales and project pipelines. Leads for this industry come not from the public but from architects here in NSW, and each lead has a potential value of millions of dollars. But most builders do not connect at all well to the community of architects that supplies the lifeblood of their businesses. 

Whether you're a builder of luxury homes or of shopping centers, projects get cancelled and that can lead to business difficulties as you struggle to fill the gaps. You need to be connected to your lead-suppliers!

So if you are a builder of luxury homes, or otherwise rely on architects, I have a few questions for you - 

1) how good is your networking with architects 
2) do architects ever see your website?
3) are you socially and business-wise plugged in to architects social and professional networks?
4) does your website have anything of interest to architects to make them visit and return?
5) does your website rank for keywords of interest to architects?

At Sydney Business Web, we understand business - we were founded my an MBA qualified executive who leads our company. 
We analyse your sales pipeline, and provide the means of filling it using online networking, business websites and keyword analysis.

We'll connect your Sydney NSW Builders company to its architect lead sources and keep it connected.

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Why it shouldn’t matter which country your website is hosted in

Fast Website Performance wit h pinpoint Local

A Few facts about Our Sydney Business Web Website

We've been doing website design and hosting for a long time, and recently poured our knowledge and expertise into a new vehicle - Sydney Business Web - Pinpoint Local. And so we're still in a sort of crossover phase since we signed a franchise agreement with Pinpoint Local.

We offer our customers premium hosting with Pinpoint Local, whose servers are currently in the US, although they will be adding Australian servers soon. Which brings us to the first question:

Should my Sydney business website be hosted in Australia?

That's a really, really good question!!!

The answer is - it doesn't matter, as long as the implementation of your website and its hosting is technically proficient. This is why:

The Use of Content Data Networks (CDNs)

Content Data Networks store code and content from your website at nodes all over the world. So how does that work? Let's take our on website - Sydney Business Web - which is hosted in the United States with customers in Australia.  We use the Cloudflare CDN which is built into all Pinpoint Local websites. Cloudflare has a nod in Sydney where we do business, so when someone clicks onto a link to our website in Sydney, the data is delivered locally - FANTASTIC!

This applies to anyone clicking through to our website anywhere in the world - the data is delivered locally which means it's FAST. 

Sydney Business web - Pinpoint Local Website Speed - Blazingly Fast!

The image at the top of this post is a test conducted on this website about half an hour ago. The FULL loading time on a desktop is 0.8s. That's blazingly fast! The test is made for reading the website in Australia. Our website is hosted in the United States.

The Importance of a Clean Website Neighborhood

OK - so that's speed taken care of from the hosting end. (Obviously, you need a fast website to achieve these speeds and fast hosting and good CDN is the next issue). But what about the website neighborhood quality - how does that affect website ranking? 

What is a bad neighborhood?

Many hosting schemes are 'shared', and this is always the case for cheap hosting. What this means is that your legitimate business website can share an Internet address with gambling sites, pornography websites and even websites supporting totally illegal activities. This simply cannot be good for your rankings - ever! So you need to be very, very careful where you host.

Pinpoint Local Hosting for Sydney Business

We've kept it simple so far and we're going to keep it simple.  This is the plug for our hosting! Pinpoint Local hosting is for vetted, legitimate business only. It's clean, it's fast and it's currently US hosted. we'll keep you updated on that. in the meantime, you can check our hosting here.