• Fruit and Bowl in Pastels

    "I love pastels as a medium" -Hettie Rowley

  • "Such a dignified man - wonderful opportunity to paint him " -Hettie Rowley

  • "The sadness of transience in Japanese culture " -Hettie Rowley

  • "Sheep seeking the cool shelter of a tree " -Hettie Rowley

  • "Sketch of a King" -Hettie Rowley

  • "Such placid, gentle creatures" -Hettie Rowley

  • "Elephants are possessed of such gentle strengths and intelligence, they seem - better than us" -Hettie Rowley

  • "A figure of African majesty" -Hettie Rowley

  • "Charcoal is a wonderful medium for many types of art" -Hettie Rowley

  • "Charcoal is a wonderful medium for many types of art" -Hettie Rowley

  • "All that is beautiful in this world is being killed by the greed of humans" -Hettie Rowley

  • "Spring - the renewal of life" -Hettie Rowley

  • "What wonder lies inside the thought of our fellow creaures" -Hettie Rowley

  • "I still dream of our ancient home - Africa in all its wonder" -Hettie Rowley

  • "Our Little Princess and Treasure" -Hettie Rowley

  • "A dog is always a friend in need - and all other times" -Hettie Rowley

  • "Pastels allow amazing contract and details - wonderful medium" -Hettie Rowley

  • "portrait of my wonderful friend" -Hettie Rowley

  • "I was honored to win a prize with this painting" -Hettie Rowley

Spherical Gallery Help Make Irresistible Business Websites

These beautiful spherical galleries will simply captivate our visitors and make your website much more attractive and professional.  They can be installed on a wide variety of sites but in general, we prefer WordPress which is very stable and amenable to such advanced code use. 

The paintings shown here are from Hettie Rowley, our own award-winning artist.


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