Low Cost Website for Families and Micro Ventures

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Low Cost Website - Affordable Entry To the Web

  • Are you really keen to get your micro-venture or family blog online, but with a very constrained budget? 
  • Do you want a classy custom but low cost website, not a cheap cookie-cutter website? 
  • Do you need a personal guide so that you can maintain your site yourself and not us expensive developers?
  • Do you need website delivery inside three days, ready to go?
  • Do you need a company with multiple five star reviews on Google?
  • Do you want the competence and personal attention of a MBA qualified manager and BSc (Hons) qualified engineer behind your website?
  • Do you need a website that can be grown into anything you want as your family adventure or business  venture grows?

Low Cost Website - High Quality - What You Get

A customized high quality low cost website blog site suitable for micro-ventures and families who need to be seen online.
This is not a cookie cutter product. The owner of our business, Keith Rowley  is offering these on a very limited release of five per month, just to stay sharp on the technical side of the business.

What you get includes:

  • Custom landing page with inter-section links
  • Your images - up to 12 - loaded
  • Contact form and contact information
  • Links to your social media pages
  • Instructions on editing and update
  • Free hosting for a year ($15/month thereafter)
  • Free SSL security certificate installed
  • One email address
  • One stock photo for header
  • Oversight by our own award winning artist, Hettie Rowley
  • Security software installed
  • Fast website
  • Mobile adapted website
  • Easily expanded in future
  • 90 day warranty

We are doing this because our owner, Keith Rowley, wants to 'keep his hand in' technically (he's an engineer), but also because we know that a whole bunch of people are desperate to get online, but right now their funds are limited, Sorry we can only do one a week.  


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