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Business Website Maintenance Plans – Do You Need One?
Website Maintenance: Does Your Business Website Really Need A Support Plan? Website maintenance can be a vexing issue, subject to[...]
Bad Website Design – How NOT To Design a Website
I was recently asked by a good friend to evaluate a website. I will not reveal the identity of that[...]
Sydney Business Web – Finalists in the Bx Business Excellence Awards
We are honored and delighted to be finalists in the Bx Annual Business Awards - Marketing.Thanks for the votes and[...]
Small Business and Cold Calling – Some Cold Facts
Cold Calling - Should We Be So Dismissive?Cold Calling - Most of us hate Cold Calls - Should We?Last week,[...]
Calculating Online Investment and Profit for an eCommerce Business Website
Right now, it seems that every man, woman and pet monkey wants to jump into eCommerce with an eCommerce Business[...]
Email Marketing – Is it suitable for your business?
Email Marketing: In one guise or another, we've been in business a long time, and we're pretty damn sensitive to[...]
Flat Design or Skeuomorphic Design? Strategies for Business Websites
Flat Design or Skeuomorphic Design for Business Websites - The Choice is YoursFlat vs skeuomorphic design - Credit Thrive ThemesWhat[...]
Website Chatbot – Does Your Business Website Need One?
via GIPHYWhat Happens on Your Business Website Moment to Moment? - Does  Website Chatbot Help?The first thing we are going[...]
Why a Business Website Specification is Vital
Business Website Specification: This brief post should bring vast amusement to experienced website developers and business owners and managers. We've[...]
Google Featured Snippets
What Are Featured Snippets?Google Featured Snippets - we noticed ours for the first time today and obviously, we're delighted. The[...]
What Does a Small Business Need Most – Business Development or Just Plain Selling?
What Does a Small Business Need Most – Business Development or Just Plain Selling?During my years in the corporate world,[...]
Professional Listing Website for the Building Industry
Buildingleads.sydney - A Listing Site for the Australian Building Industry and TradesWhat is  the Purpose of a Business Listing Website?Most[...]
Creating New Opportunities for all Companies in the Building and Trades Industries
Huge Opportunities in The Not – So Connected Building IndustryCompanies in the building industry are not exploiting the vast potential[...]
Original Art for Your Website and Business Adds Value and Style
Original Art: Google Search results for "Artist Hettie Rowley"Are You Serious About Your Company's Identity? Do You Need Original Art?Whether[...]
How to start an online business
HOW TO START AN ONLINE BUSINESSA Friend asked me how to start an online businessA friend of mine called me[...]
Online Strategies for the Building Industry and Contractors in the era of Covid-19
Online Strategies for the Building IndustryWho is this article intended for?This article is for the Building Industry including (but not[...]
eCommerce Solution – Developing a Online Shop for Weigh-More of Smeaton Grange Sydney NSW
eCommerce Solution - Online Shop Development - for Sydney Company Weigh-MoreeCommerce Solution - A SINGLE PRODUCT PAGE from WEIGH-MOREeCommerce Solution[...]
Sixteen Questions to Ask A Website Designer – Before You Buy
Most people don’t know what questions to ask a website designer before they commit to an expensive purchase. This article[...]
SEO – Seven Insights on Search Engine Optimization and Online Advertising with Google
SEO - Seven Insights on Search Engine Optimization and Online Advertising with GoogleSEO and Online marketing in general  are still[...]
Why Your Business Needs an Online Shop
A Pivotal Moment of Change for Local BusinessAs a Local Business, Whether you are a seller of cakes or haircuts,[...]
Coronavirus Business Crisis – How to Cope
How the Coronavirus Business Crisis Affects your BusinessThe Coronavirus business crisis has hit most of us  very hard. If you're[...]
How SEO works: How People Find Your Business On The Web
Context & BackgroundHow SEO Works - Local business in Australia is not coping well with competing and growing on the[...]
So you need a new business website
 So you need a new website for your business – and that’s exciting! But do you know what to ask[...]
How much does a website cost?
How much does a website cost?  The reason I'm writing this post , is that in our business we deal[...]
Business Website Design – how do websites make money?
The Anatomy of a Business Website - and Where it BeginsThe first question any business owner should ask about Business[...]
Voice Powered Search for Business Websites in Sydney
Imagine someone visits your restaurant website, clicks once and asks for 'steaks' with one spoken word, or 'fillet steak' and[...]
Getting the RIGHT Customers for Your Business
Getting the RIGHT Customers Online for your BusinessCUSTOMERS WITH 'TOO MUCH WORK'I was talking to some potential clients earlier this[...]
Restaurants and Pubs Online in Sydney NSW and Sutherland Shire
Representing your Sydney Bar and Restaurant Effectively OnlineYou need more than a website. Sure, you need a great website -[...]
Connecting Luxury House Builders in Sydney to Architects
Connecting Sydney NSW Builders to ArchitectsWe were talking to a new builder client recently. His company builds high-value luxury houses[...]
Why it shouldn’t matter which country your website is hosted in
A Few facts about Our Sydney Business Web WebsiteWe've been doing website design and hosting for a long time, and[...]
Online Business Solutions for Sydney Local Business
Sydney Business Websites are only part of a complete business solutionYou read that correctly - smart businesses don't just buy[...]