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Business Websites Sydney - Sydney Business Web is an Australian company based in Sydney, providing business websites, eCommerce websites and SEO to Australian business.

The business is wholly owned by Keith and Hettie Rowley. Hettie is an award winning artist who takes care of our graphics design and Keith is an experienced business executive and technologist.

Business Websites Sydney Welcomes You - I'm Keith Rowley, co-owner of Sydney Business Web  

I'm serious about business - about your Business Websites and SEO . My job is to make sure that your online investment pays off - that you have a beautiful, competitive business website - that you have an SEO strategy that brings the traffic and customers that you need, and that every part of your online operation works efficiently.

I do business in a personal and professional way. Call me on 0427 847 653.

Business Websites Sydney CEO

 Business Websites Sydney - Business Strategist Keith Rowley: MBA BSc (Hons)  

A Brief Overview of Our eCommerce and Business Websites


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Foundation Business Websites

If you're looking for a Business Website Designer in Sydney, you've come to the right place. Business websites require a lot of iterative planning and design. We have found that in the small and start-up sector particularly, many business owners are very unsure as to what they need for their business website to succeed and what a reasonable price is to achieve their aims. This can cause severe problems down the line and wasted investment.

So we decided to address the issue with our Business FOUNDATION WEBSITES. We upgraded our successful Foundation Websites to the NEW FOUNDATION PLUS, which includes a website an SEO starter-pack . The reason we did this is that EVERY business owner needs at least initial (offsite) SEO and we are now bundling a kick-start SEO package for local business with our Foundation websites.

Business Websites - Valley Pool Services

Business Websites - Valley Pool Services

Why Choose Sydney Business Web for Your eCommerce and Business Websites Designer in Sydney?

Our Professionalism is your Guarantee

Business growth with sydney business websites

Driven by Business for Business

We build websites for business - under the bonnet, they are structured to attract and retain the customers your business needs to succeed. Keith Rowley, our joint owner is also our website business strategist. He holds both business and engineering degrees.

business website design specification

Professional Engineering Standards

When we work with your company, we apply professional standards we learned during years of design engineering for corporations and even the military.  We always begin the process with a professional website specification..

business website artist

On Board Artist

Making a website functional and making a website beautiful are two different exercises. That's why we have our own award-winning artist, Hettie Rowley on board.


Committed to Excellence

We apply the exact same high standards we developed and used with major industries to your business.  This means a website that stands out not just for appearance but for business performance

“It's really hard to design products... 

A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them.”

- Steve Jobs

eCommerce  Business Websites and SEO FAQ 

What does my business need in a eCommerce Website?

A eCommerce Business Website needs a slick, smooth trip to fast payment, a professional  design that builds trust and really good simple navigation. Designing an eCommerce design is equally about smooth function, superb product appearance and descriptions. The process begins with a business website specification.

What is Onsite SEO?

Onsite SEO for a Business Website / eCommerce Website is the process of making it ready for discovery and ranking by Search Engines.  All products and articles must have properly researched keywords in the metadata, titles and subtitles. Many businesses need to look like 'experts' using high quality, unique content ald local business websites need a local business structure. Read more about this here.

How much does a good quality business website cost?

You need to budget between $2000 and upwards for a business website or eCommerce website.  A business website without eCommerce facilities can cost as little as $1000, but it all depends on specifying your requirement up front. Read more about the cost of a website here.

How do your business website rentals work?

In essence, you pay an amount up front and once the website has been built, you pay a monthly fee for a minimum period. For this fee you get not just the website but future upgrades and a maintenance contract. If you want to buy the website after the minimum period has expired, you can do so.  We can do a custom deal to fit your budget and needs. Read more about our website rentals here.

Can I see your business website portfolio?

Sure -  just click on the link to see our : website portfolio

Do you provide social media services for business?

Yes. We have extensive experience of social media. We don't do it in isolation though and build up a social media campaign around your specific business. You can learn more here: Social Media for Business

Can you get visitors to my business website?

Yes - your website will be structured for SEO and then we can discuss an expanded SEO contract with you. It's SEO that brings traffic, making your business website visible for the keywords your business needs. You can learn more about SEO Here.

How long  to build my eCommerce business website?

Normally, we can build and deliver your eCommerce Business Website inside 4 working weeks.  You will need to have your product images, descriptions, prices and all other text and images available to meet this time-scale. We have significant resources available, but getting your site operational does also depend on your readiness to give us what we need to help you.

What sort of Businesses do you design websites for?

In principle, we design websites for any business. In our recent portfolio we have:

There are very few business types we cannot work with and we are always keen to work with companies over the long-term, providing SEO services, Social Media etc and very soon we will be moving into the design of Apps. So CALL US!

Are you better than other business website designers?

We never focus on what other companies do. A better question might be, what makes us different? We think that our long experience in business, our academic and practical engineering and business skills set us apart - we think business, not just business websites. eCommerce websites and business websites are the outcome of a process  - and we think we have a world-class process to help your business to grow online.

What is Hosting and how much does it cost?

hosting is simply the server on which your website lives.  But it's also defined by the technical support provided by the host to fix things when they go wrong, to optimize performance with ongoing support and improvements, to provide regular backups and top quality security. Hosting is important. We have a range of plans starting at $20/month. We are currently working on new plans but you can see the principles here

Are your websites secure?

Yes. We always install security software on our business and eCommerce websites to counteract hacking and malware. We also work with selected hosts to provide backups and additional security. 

Do you offer a website warranty?

Yes. All of our websites come with a 90 day warranty against defect. Once this time has expired, we have customized support plans available,

What if my website goes down?

Inside the warranty period you are completely covered.  After that time, we recommend that you should be covered by a customized support and maintencance plan.

Where are your designers?

We have design capabilities in both Sydney and the United States, All technical work is overseen by Keith Rowley who is a professional engineer and designer. Quality control is also Mr Rowley's responsibility.

Are your prices fixed?

Yes. Our contract prices are fixed against the design specification we both sign off before work begins. We will accept minor changes after the design has been agreed, but major changes and rework do require additional fees. We will never change the fees on  quoted contract without your agreement.

How do you know what my business website needs?

We have a deep knowledge of business and we work with you towards what your business website needs. we are not just designers - we are business professionals who have worked in a diversity of industries. we can help you. 

We are 100% Australian owned and operated


When you support our business and hire us to develop your business website and SEO,  you support an Australian business - a business that pays its taxes in Australia and contributes to the social and industrial fabric of our beautiful country. We are always just a phone call away when you need support.

While your site is being built we can show you our progress and you can guide the process so that you get what your business website needs to be successful.

What Others Say


Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value - 

Keith and his team have built us a really great new website. We would recommend the team at Sydney Business Web, very friendly and helpful prompt service to any queries.

Craig Bury

Weigh-More Solutions

djarindjin aboriginal corporation logo

On Behalf of Djarindjin Aboriginal Corporation I would like to say Thank you Keith for all your hard work. This has not been an easy task since we kept changing things. You have been very patient and helped us all along the way. We LOVEEEEEEEEEE our website.

Sommer Meadows
 Djarindjin Aboriginal Corporation

Water Skills for Life Business Logo

Exceptional service. Keith built our new website Water Skills For life charity and its fantastic. Nothing was a problem for him and our site is easy to use and to navigate. I highly recommend Sydney Business Web it was an absolute pleasure to deal with Keith and he was able to accommodate all our requests. We now have a website that will work for us into the future. Thanks so much Keith.

Tanya Carmont
Water Skills for Life


I have known Keith for more than 15 years and was his first client with GroundProbe. Keith has always endeavored to build a good personal and professional relationship with his clients, is one of the most innovative people I have had the pleasure of working with, and is always prepared to go the extra mile to provide for his clients requirements. This included developing new technology when it was needed to suit specific applications. In all our interactions Keith has always been straight and honest, and I take pleasure in recommending him.

Des Mossop 

Partner & Principal Engineering Geologist at SRK Consulting

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