Business Professionals Online

Our Business Professionals Online is a program intended for business owners and managers who need not only online solutions, but professional guidance and mentoring to steer those solutions to sustainable business success. This means that you have access to professional coaching at every step of your online business journey. We have a very limited capacity to provide this service because it's a personal one-on-one coaching facility. However, if you don't need the coaching you can still benefit from our range of online business technologies and services and obtain brilliant results. Click on the thumbnails to learn more.

Business Professionals Online
Consultation Online Business Plan Professional Business Website Australian SEO Mentoring


Professional Consultation

The first part of our process is designed to establish whether or not your business is a good match for our program. It takes about an hour of discussion for us to explore each other and there is no obligation for doing this - you can call us to make an appointment at any time and we will be pleased to talk to you.

Our main concern is that we can understand what you want to achieve with your business, the time-scales and your expected ROI (Return On Investment). We need to assess your current knowledge of online operations and assess our capacity to help you. If we think we cannot help then we will do our best to advise you on an alternative course of action.

Online Business Plan

business plan

No business, be it online or offline is likely to succeed without a business plan. Although the elements are the same, the methods of determining the critical data and the actual methods of execution are different. Even experienced business people (and sometimes, especially experienced business people) often need professional advice for online business. Here's what we'll take you through step by step:

  • Your products - Price, competition (is it even relevant), buyer demographics, price sensitivity and more.
  • Your selling reach - local, national, international
  • Your traffic generation strategy - SEO, Advertising, Social Media
  • Your Business Identity - Logo, Corporate Colors
  • Your budget  and cashflow planning the feasibility of achieving your goals
  • Your points of business differentiation
  • Your selling channels - Website, Amazon, Dropshipping etc

Each plan is tailored and unique and designed in close cooperation with our customer.

Professional Business Website

professional business website

Your professional business website is your shop, your consulting room, your display case. The following are absolutely critical to success (in no particular order):

1) Fast loading - buyers are very, very impatient

2) Easy navigation - visitors must find what they seek with a minimum number of clicks right through to the buying process

3) Beautiful, clear, branding - the identity of your business

4) Trust - your website must contain the element that say subconsciously - 'you can trust us'

5) Optimized On-Site SEO - if the back-end data on your site isn't right then ranking on Google will be much, much harder

6) Fully mobile optimized

7) Secure - and visibly secure to visitors

8) Backed up and supported for minimum downtime

9) Able to support your business model - no matter whether you are selling professional services, products or courses or whatever. This means integration with modern selling tools such as Zoom (consulting), payment channels such as PayPal and credit Cards, email facilities, chatbots and more.

A professional business website doesn't just look good - it performs, and converts visitors to buyers.

Australian SEO


SEO is an expression that now turns people off in droves because of the hype, the unwanted emails, the unwanted cold calls and the insane claims made by some agencies. However, unless you intend to rely only on advertising and social media for your website traffic, you need SEO. You need SEO that is tailored for your business operation specifically based on keyword analysis, competitive analysis and a further analysis on your expected Return On Investment.  Without this, you're shipping in the dark and wasting money.  We'll explain your campaign  in great detail so that you fully understand the process.



Mentoring and reporting  is a critical part of our Business Professionals Online Program. Every month, we report back to our program clients on their business progress - their online expenditure, their revenue vs their business plan and possible changes we need to make in response to competition, Google changes etc. This allows our clients to gather increased knowledge and confidence in their online business, sets expectations and measures performance.  It also provides increased independence from consultants like us in time, and empowers our customers to devise their own strategies.